Confidence Interval: Mean-Matched Pairs

Note: This test requires that paired data are already listed in the STATDISK data window

If the data are not already there, close this window and enter or open data sets so that they are listed in columns of the STATDISK Data Window. (To open a data set from Appendix B in the textbook, click on "Datasets" at the top. To manually enter a data set, click on Data, then click on Sample Editor. The data can also be copied into STATDISK from another application, such as Minitab or Excel.)

When entering the confidence level value, the number should be expressed in a decimal format, such as .95.

Choose the two columns to be used as sample data. The columns must be matched or paired, so they must have the same number of entries.

Click on the Evaluate button to obtain the results.

Click on the Print button to print the results.

To close the window, click on the X at the top of the module window.