Contingency Tables

Note: This module requires that the table of observed frequencies is already listed in the STATDISK data window.

If the observed frequencies are not already in the STATDISK Data Window, close this window, then click on Data, then Sample Editor, then proceed to enter the data so that they are listed in the STATDISK Data Window. Enter the data using at least two different columns, with each column containing at least two different rows. The columns must have the same length, and the observed frequencies must be positive whole numbers.

A contingency table is a table in which frequencies correspond to two variables. (One variable is used to categorize rows, and a second variable is used to categorize columns.)

Significance (level): Enter a positive value in decimal form, such as 0.05.

Identify the columns to be used by checking (or unchecking) the boxes.

Click on the Evaluate button to obtain the results.

Click on the Print button to print the results.

Click on the Plot button to obtain a graph showing the chi-square distribution with the test statistic and critical value.

To close the window, click on the X at the top of the module window.