Descriptive Statistics

Note: This test requires a column of data to be already listed in the STATDISK data window.

If the column of data is not already in the STATDISK Data Window, close this window and enter or open data sets so that they are listed in columns of the STATDISK Data Window. (To open a data set from Appendix B in the textbook, click on "Datasets" at the top. To manually enter a data set, click on Data, then click on Sample Editor. The data can also be copied into STATDISK from another application, such as Minitab or Excel.)

The Sample Descriptive Statistics module calculates several statistics, such as mean and standard deviation, for a sample data set. See Chapter 2 in the textbook.

Select the column to be used for the calculations. The default is column 1. To change the column, click on the small box to the right of the default value of 1, then scroll down to the desired column and click on it.

Click on the Evaluate button to obtain the results.

Click on the Print button to print the results.

To close the window, click on the X at the top of the module window.