Frequency Table Random Sample Generator

The frequency table random sample generator serves two purposes. First, it can be used to create samples given data in the form of a frequency table. Second, it can be used to define an arbitrarily shaped probability distribution from which the sample values will be randomly determined.

The left side of the window is used to define the frequency table. You can allow STATDISK to generate the classes automatically by using the AUTOGENERATE CLASSES option, which uses values of the number of classes, the class width, and the starting value for the lowest class. Click on the AUTOGENERATE CLASS BOUNDARIES button after entering the desired values.

Enter those values in the column with the heading of "Freq."

Consider the options for the way in which the values are generated.
Consider the number of decimal places in the results.

RANDOM SEED: You can allow STATDISK to randomly generate a "seed" used as a basis for generating the data, or you can use the same seed to generate the same data values. (Instructors might specify a random seed so that all students will generate the same data.)

Click on the GENERATE button to generate the data.

Use Copy or File/Save As to copy or save the generated data set.