Help Overview

Many individual modules include their own Help comments. Here we provide some comments about the
STATDISK main menu bar at the top.

File: Click on File to open an existing file or to save a file that has been created in the STATDISK Data Window. The "Open" and "Save As" features require that you select the location of the file to open or saved. If the default that is displayed is not what you want, click on the small box to the right of the default location and proceed to select the desired location.

Edit: Click on Edit to Copy a STATDISK file to another application or to Paste a file from another application.

Analysis: Click on Analysis to access many of the STATDISK modules, including those related to such features as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

Data: Click on Data to access STATDISK features such as those related to descriptive statistics, histograms, and boxplots.

Data Sets: Click on Datasets to access the list of data sets in Appendix B of the textbook.

Window:  The Window menu lists all of the windows currently open in your STATDISK session.  You can click a window (or use its hotkey combination) to bring it to the front.

Help:  The help menu will open help from this site for the various STATDISK windows.  There are also links to additional resources such as the STATDISK Workbook and the Triola Statistics website.