Multiple Regression

Note: Multiple regression requires three or more columns of matched data that are already listed in the STATDISK data window.

This module uses three or more equal-length columns. If the data are not already in the STATDISK Data Window, close this window and enter or open data sets so that they are listed in columns of the STATDISK Data Window. (To open a data set from Appendix B in the textbook, click on "Datasets" at the top. To manually enter a data set, click on Data, then click on Sample Editor. The data can also be copied into STATDISK from another application, such as Minitab or Excel.)

After the sample data have been entered in the STATDISK Data Window, the Multiple Regression program requires that you select the columns to be included in the analysis. Click on the column boxes to create (or remove) a check mark for those columns to be included.

For the "Dependent variable column," enter the number of the column corresponding to the dependent (y) variable.

Hint: It is important to keep track of which variables correspond to which columns. Be careful to record those column numbers.

Click on the Evaluate button to obtain the results.

Note that the display includes "Coeff" values, which are the values of the constant and coefficients in the multiple regression equation.

Click on the Print button to print the results.

To close the window, click on the X at the top of the module window.