Odds Ratio and Relative Risk

The column headings of "Disease" and "No Disease" are typical, but the columns can represent other factors, such as "Male" and "Female."

The row headings are typical, but the rows can represent other factors.

The entries must be frequency counts consisting of positive whole numbers.

Enter the first value, then press the Tab key and proceed to enter a value in the second cell. Press Tab and enter the third value, then press Tab and enter the fourth value.
(Do not try to enter the row and column totals. They will be computed by STATDISK.)

Enter a value for the confidence level if the default value of 0.95 is not the desired value. (Values such as 0.99 or 0.90 are common.) To enter a different confidence level, click on the cell identified as "Confidence level," then press the backspace key to delete the default entry of 0.95, then enter the desired value.

Click Evaluate when finished.